The Story Behind the Story

Sometimes when people hear that I wrote a book about teen pregnancy their eyes roll back in their heads. "Oh," they typically answer, either completely turned off by the idea or intimidated by it.

....And then they read it (or at least some of them do) and discover something completely different than what they were expecting. It's not heavy or preachy or idealistic. It's real and intimate and (hopefully) engaging. Alex and Sydney could be the kids next door. They could be your neighbors, your friends, your family members, or maybe even you. And, while the "event" that sets this story into motion is teen pregnancy, that's not what it's really  about. Simply put, "Hope's Journey" is a story of self-discovery. It is a story of love, faith, forgiveness... and most of all hope!   

Writing a story with the subtext of teen pregnancy wasn't easy, but "Hope's Journey" is more than a story... it's a message. A message that regardless of who others - and even ourselves - think we are, each of us is important in the eyes of our Creator. And, because we have value, we have been provided a Savior through whom there is always HOPE.

If you are a teenager, were a teenager, have a teenager, or even know a teenager, this book applies to you

To learn more about what prompted me to write Hope's Journey, read The Backstory.

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