Book Club Discussion Q's

1. More than once, Alex suggests dating other people. What do you think prompted these feelings, and why were they so hard to follow through on? How did Sydney interpret his suggestions? What importance does our society put on having a boyfriend or girlfriend?

2. Why do you think Alex reacted to the pregnancy the way he did? Where was his anger aimed and why? What did he gain by stepping away from the situation?

3. Sydney and Alex go through separate journeys. In what ways are their reactions and experiences different from each other? Do their journeys parallel each other in any way?

4. Teenage pregnancy is a tender subject for many people. How did people judge Sydney? Were any of their reactions justified? How would you react in similar circumstances? Do you think your attitudes and actions will be different after reading this book?

5. What role do Sydney's friends play in her healing process? Who do you think had the most profound influence? How does Sydney's view of herself change and evolve?

6. Why did Sydney struggle so much with her decision about the baby? Did she make her decision blindly? How might her situation differ from that of other young expectant mothers?

7. Both Sydney and Alex knew what the consequences of their actions could be. Why, then, did they let their moral guard down? What could have been done to help prevent them from making their mistake?