hope's journey - a novel

As part of the human condition, we all make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are the result of choices we make without fully understanding the intensity of the consequences. Because, sometimes the world lies to us. And sometimes, we simply fool ourselves into believing that we are less than who we really are!  

"Hope's Journey" is the story of two individuals who, not understanding their true value, make choices that result in serious, unchangeable consequences. 

A life changing mistake.
A soul changing journey. 


Cover blurb: 
A couple since their sophomore year, Sydney and Alex are looking forward to graduation and a bright future together. Sydney is  straight-A student trying to decide between college scholarships and Alex is a quiet jock preparing to serve a mission. Both active members of the LDS Church, their hopes and dreams painfully fade when they learn that Sydney is pregnant. The very foundations of their faith are shaken, as is their relationship. Separately, they venture through confusion, self-doubt, and failure as they learn the value of forgiveness and try to piece their broken lives back together. 

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