"Worlton has crafted a wonderful story in a masterful way. It's not preachy. It's not obvious. It's subtle and caring." From the Other Side of the Mirror 

"This book has great potential for vast amounts of good." The Stubby Pencil 

"I would urge all parents to read this book. It's amazingly sad the heartache this girl goes through because she doesn't feel love at home. I really appreciate the author sharing her story and hope it will touch many people's lives."Cami's Books 

"I'm not Mormon myself but I was still able to relate and enjoy this book. This is a wonderful stand alone novel and a great new book from a debut author. Can't wait to see what Stephanie does next!" - Books and Sensibility

"Wow, this has to be one of the most honest books I've read in a long time!" - read the full review and interview with Cindy C. Bennett, author

 "The message is powerful, the circumstances extremely real in today’s society. I definitely give this book 5 Books and it’s on my forever reading list. I can’t wait for more work by Ms. Worlton." Reviews by Molly 

"This book is one I plan to bookmark for future use. It needs to be read by kids who are dealing with teenage pregnancy (both male and female) but I think it is also inspirational for all people who struggle with having self-worth or who have made bad decisions that they need to find a way past. I really want my girls to read it as I hope it will help them to understand their infinite worth as daughters of God, which will hopefully help them make good decisions."I'm So Funny 

 "What a gift Stephanie Worlton has left for each of us. Well done!"Fire and Ice 

"This author does an amazing job getting across true emotions".The Write Path

"I loved Stephanie’s reason for writing the book – her desire that every young woman (and young man) will know who they are (a child of God) and have the strength to have their self-worth be independent of what others think." - Preserving the Past with Amber Packer, Good Things Utah guest host and My Mind's Eye designer)

 "Their story isn't a new one, but you will find yourself caught up in their world of first love, mistakes and consequences."  - Getting Your Read On

"While the story is obviously geared toward an LDS audience with many LDS-related references, it will appeal to those of any faith. Teen pregnancy isn't something that is limited to one particular faith or demographic. I think that this would be a great book for any teenager and it is one that could spark some good conversations between parents and teens." - Two Kids and Tired
"Besides the thematic importance of this novel, I enjoyed reading Stephanie’s prose with the fun banter and smooth writing." - Maria Hoagland, LDS Novelist

"...An important read for teens, their parents, and leaders of youth. Clues are given about self-worth and spending time alone in relationships, extending our awareness to prevent such situations and of the way we treat those in such difficulties." - Renae's Writespot

  "It's a long series of small choices that lead to pregnancy, and if teens can stop that series before it starts, they can save themselves a lot of grief, and fiction is a great way to show it."  - Tristi Pinkstin, LDS author

"I loved this book!... I would recommend Hope's Journey to fans of YA and fans of Christian fiction. It was a beautifully written book and I will definitely read more from Stephanie Worlton."I'd So Rather Be Reading

"While this book is told from the viewpoint of an LDS couple. Any family that teaches abstinence or wants to realistically deal with the issues of teen pregnancy will find this book to of great value."- Bookworm Lisa

"I am so glad that I had the chance to read this story. I will be sharing it with my girls - if for no other reason as to hear someone else's thoughts on teenage pregnancy than their mother's. Thank you, Stephanie Worlton!" -  So Simply Sara

 "Beautifully, achingly honest... I highly recommend this book to anyone, especially teen girls and women.  An enthusiastic 6 of 5 stars (the extra one's for Damon)."Six Mixed Reviews 

 "The author tackles the sensitive subject of teen pregnancy in a very tasteful and mature manner and I thought the emotions expressed by both the adults and teenagers were as real as it gets." Murdock and Pink Nail Polish 

"I loved this book! It was really an eye opener to me..."  - A Book a Day 

  "I learned a lot about myself and how I might view people in certain situations." NatScraps

"This book can certainly open up avenues of conversation. Overall this book did a wonderful job of telling a difficult story in a wonderful way." - A Casual Readers Blog   

"Hope's Journey is a fabulous book I would recommend to any LDS teenager in a serious relationship as well as to the parents of LDS teenagers. This was a book I couldn't put down."


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